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MIMO Procedures for the Rental Property: Why They’re Essential

Move-In and Move-Out procedures are some of the most neglected on the slate of things every landlord has to do.

Not surprisingly though, that MIMO time – maybe better called MOMI time because it’s the time BETWEEN tenants – is when you really have to stay on your toes.

In fact, there are very good reasons to specify Move-In and Move-Out days – down to the specific hours of day, right in your original lease document. Any vacancy is going to cost you, and cost you dearly. So the things you do between tenants are among the most important you’ll do during the entire life of the property.

Here’s the how and why of standardizing Move-Ins and Move-Outs. … Continue reading

3 Most Important Points About California Landlord Tenant Law

california landlord tenant lawYou don’t have to be a lawyer to rent a home in California. Best Property Management reminds all of our Contra Costa County renters that some 99% of landlord-tenant disputes in California get settled easily and far outside of the arena of the law.

Landlord-Tenant law is pretty straightforward, easy to understand and generally something that both parties should be able to interpret and understand easily. That said, you’ll feel better understanding the basic points outlined below. They’re based on the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Landlord Book. Read the following, and you’ll be essentially on the same footing with landlords renting residential housing, anywhere in California.

There may be a very few cases where you really will need legal counsel, and this short intro shouldn’t be understood as a substitute for legal advice. It’s not complete, but it is accurate. Remember too, compliance is always your own responsibility, and some local and municipal regulations can be just slightly different, depending on where you’re renting. … Continue reading