3 East Bay Cities Where You Can Still Buy a Home

The entire East Bay, including Alameda and Contra Costa counties is loaded with world class homes. It’s a super popular place to raise your kids and for obvious reasons. Contra Costa offers space, culture, access, and plenty of things to do, and without the super high prices and obvious drawbacks to the other side of the bay. Alameda County is a little further, and a lot more natural. With that, residents get a lot more to enjoy in exchange for sometimes lengthier commutes.  

Contra Costa has seen some of the same inflation as in San Francisco and prices can seem exceptionally high. According to Zillow, a square foot in Contra Costa County is now $284. Across the Bay, that same square foot will run to $412. And houses rent for a median of $2,067, while in San Francisco they’re renting at $2,815. That’s nearly neck and neck.

While the market is improving, a lot of renters, first-time buyers and hopefuls may feel like they’re left out completely. Contra Costa and Alameda counties are still the great exceptions on the East Bay, even while maintaining some of the very best living situations – the same situations that push our prices higher.

These three cities are some of the first ones you should check not just for bargains but for investments that will carry you through for the long haul.

Fremont California Homes

Today something of a northeastern extension of the Silicon Valley, Fremont can conceptually accommodate parts of Union City and Newark – but Fremont is very much its own place today. Prices have pushed upward appropriately, but you’re still looking at median prices around and $750,000 and so, half of them for a lot less than that.

Livermore California Homes

Very much the East Bay’s answer to Napa County, Livermore is the wine country of Almeda County, and still housing prices tend to run a little lower than those in Fremont. It’s a bit further, a bit more rustic and a lot roomier. While Livermore suffered along with the rest of the California housing market, the bounce back here has been that much stronger and that much more consistent. We’re regularly showing both rental and sale properties all over the Livermore area.

Brentwood California Homes

Brentwood is closer to home, and in some sense, it’s even more rural and agricultural than the other places listed above. There aren’t a lot of farmhouses on the market but you can still enjoy the best of country living and for some of the best prices in the East Bay. Contra Costa tends to be among the highest priced counties on the bay, and Brentwood steadily offers the exceptions to the rule. Outstanding schools, reasonable to low crime rates and plenty of the basic infrastructure that folks expect make Brentwood into the brightest star that still within the bay area.

Alameda County and Contra Costa County housing prices keep getting better for those buying and those selling. If you’d like to know more about specific properties or why we think they’re the top of the charts right now, don’t hesitate to get in touch []. Some of the numbers are simply outstanding.