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Contra Costa County Property Investment: 9 Essentials to Fill It & Keep It Full

Lots of Contra Costa property investors will start with one apartment, find that managing it is not difficult and keep going, till they own a portfolio of handsome properties. Enjoying a steady predictable stream of income is just one of the benefits of investing in and holding onto residential properties. Ask around though, and you’ll […]

Seven Basic Services Your Property Management Should Be Providing. Are They?

A real estate investment can seem like a scary place to put your money. You’re not sure which way things will go. So many factors can affect whether you come out on top that you really need to do your homework. Hiring a property management company is one way to reduce the variables. The range […]

The 5 Essentials of Turning Good Tenants into Long-Term Tenants

Finding good tenants and getting them into a property is something any good property manager studies. The process becomes fixed, obsessive at times and it’s going on year-round in bigger management offices. Funny enough, it would be a lot less necessary if the good tenants are treated just a little better, and the bad ones […]

5 Things Tenants Want from Your Rental Property

Keeping your rental property full is not just the goal of a good property manager, it’s also the topic of hundreds of article, pages and online forums. It’s pored over by professionals from loud-talking investment gurus to quieter investment clubs and the old lady who inherited her spouse’s portfolio. One of the big problems comes […]

9 Tips for Investing in Contra Costa County Foreclosures

Contra Costa county may be always on the up and up, but there are still very good opportunities for foreclosure investments. When you sell, or when your property is out on the rental market you should be ready to see the results. But good long-term revenue takes a little work. These nine tips are for […]

What to Look For In a Property Management Company

When you own a valuable piece of real estate, and decide to rent it out, you want the best property management company taking care of your property as you would. You will find that most property management companies will claim to do an excellent job of screening your tenants, collecting that rent and generally keeping […]

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