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Property Investment Spotlight: Antioch, California

Antioch, CA property investmentStill one of the best known medium-sized cities in the East Bay, Antioch is well worth a look for a second home or any kind of investment property. Rental rates remain super high and many otherwise qualified buyers are still priced out of homeownership and looking for a good place to rent. Antioch is so well known, in part, because it’s still convenient to so many other places in the Bay Area and average rental rates are about $1600 monthly. … Continue reading

Property Investment Spotlight: Livermore California

Livermore, CA Property InvestmentWhenever we’re talking about the East Bay, and housing costs, we’re talking about many very expensive communities. Some of these are home to strong rental markets where people are unable to buy and quite happy to rent. With great variations in the quality of local neighborhoods, not even to mention crime rates, quality schools and all the factors that affect housing prices, Livermore is a great place to start looking. The rental market is strong, but it’s supported by a city in which 71% of homes are occupied by their owners. It’s a terrific place to invest and it’s not likely to change even as we weather strong ups and downs in California’s overall housing market.

… Continue reading

Property Investment Spotlight: Fremont California

FrontyardCalifornia home prices continue to support a strong rental market as more and more people are simply priced out of buying. Fremont is not only among the best examples of this trend, but among the most expensive housing markets in the country.


Firmly white-collar in the broadest segment of its population, even these residents are happy to rent to be closer to work and some of the state’s best schools. While development moves broadly inland, coastal Fremont is a highly desirable place to call home, even if you are renting. And at almost 90% of its population working in administrative and executive positions, it’s simply a great place to buy. … Continue reading

Property Investment Spotlight: Dublin, CA

dublin, ca property managementDublin California holds that remarkable distinction of having more than doubled its size in the past ten years. It’s been a remarkable story of growth and prosperity and that prosperity extends far beyond the city’s nominal borders to affect other communities like Livermore and Pleasanton that share many of the same characteristics. Home prices in Dublin also reflect some of that prosperity. It’s not a miracle city, but it is still a hotspot in Alameda County and in the East Bay more generally.  It’s also among the most expensive home markets in the state. … Continue reading

7 Things You Better Know About the East Bay Before Moving Here

The East Bay will perhaps always get the rap of the outer boroughs in New York City.

Oakland may be our Brooklyn by the Bay, but it’s a lot more, too. And while we do speak with San Franciscans (and folks from all over) who haven’t got a clue, by and large, people get that the East Bay, Alameda and Contra Costa counties, is more affordable, enormous, and a lot more family friendly than other places in Northern California. The pace can be slower, but it can be cosmopolitan too, depending on how you approach each day.  

These are seven of the most important things you should know before taking the plunge.   … Continue reading