Property Investment Spotlight: Union City, CA

With its outstanding location, Google Employee Buses and striking proximity to East Bay and South Bay and the rest of the Bay area too, Union City remains very much a prime investment target for lots of buyers burned out on California’s high prices. There are opportunities in Union City.  

Property Investment Spotlight: Dublin, CA

Dublin California holds that remarkable distinction of having more than doubled its size in the past ten years. It’s been a remarkable story of growth and prosperity and that prosperity extends far beyond the city’s nominal borders to affect other communities like Livermore and Pleasanton that share many of the same characteristics. Home prices in […]

7 Things You Better Know About the East Bay Before Moving Here

The East Bay will perhaps always get the rap of the outer boroughs in New York City. Oakland may be our Brooklyn by the Bay, but it’s a lot more, too. And while we do speak with San Franciscans (and folks from all over) who haven’t got a clue, by and large, people get that […]

Investment Property: 6 Biggest Money-Specific Reasons to Go with a Property Manager

Is your investment property adding up to what you put into it? An apartment over the garage is one thing, but when it comes to owning and maintaining anything more than one simple apartment, most landlords quickly find that they’re in well over their heads. Short of being a full time property manager yourself, there’s […]

Why Bay Area Rents Are Up and What You Should Do

Most sources are indicating that the entire Bay Area is moving well into a buyers’ market, although that’s not to say there is anything like a glut of unpurchased homes. That’s Buyers’ Market as opposed to Renters’ Market.   On the contrary, the shortage of housing in San Francisco and in the wider Bay remains […]

3 East Bay Cities Where You Can Still Buy a Home

The entire East Bay, including Alameda and Contra Costa counties is loaded with world class homes. It’s a super popular place to raise your kids and for obvious reasons. Contra Costa offers space, culture, access, and plenty of things to do, and without the super high prices and obvious drawbacks to the other side of […]

Protecting Your Investment Property

5 Points to Keep Your Contra Costa County Investment Property Paying Annual maintenance for a home in Contra Costa can seem reasonable especially when compared with much higher rates across the bay. In general, while rents are lower, expenses related to maintaining and keeping those properties on the market will also be lower. The weather […]

9 Tips for Investing in Contra Costa County Foreclosures

Contra Costa county may be always on the up and up, but there are still very good opportunities for foreclosure investments. When you sell, or when your property is out on the rental market you should be ready to see the results. But good long-term revenue takes a little work. These nine tips are for […]