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Investment Property: 6 Biggest Money-Specific Reasons to Go with a Property Manager

Is your investment property adding up to what you put into it? An apartment over the garage is one thing, but when it comes to owning and maintaining anything more than one simple apartment, most landlords quickly find that they’re in well over their heads. Short of being a full time property manager yourself, there’s […]

Why Bay Area Rents Are Up and What You Should Do

Most sources are indicating that the entire Bay Area is moving well into a buyers’ market, although that’s not to say there is anything like a glut of unpurchased homes. That’s Buyers’ Market as opposed to Renters’ Market.   On the contrary, the shortage of housing in San Francisco and in the wider Bay remains […]

3 East Bay Cities Where You Can Still Buy a Home

The entire East Bay, including Alameda and Contra Costa counties is loaded with world class homes. It’s a super popular place to raise your kids and for obvious reasons. Contra Costa offers space, culture, access, and plenty of things to do, and without the super high prices and obvious drawbacks to the other side of […]

MIMO Procedures for the Rental Property: Why They’re Essential

Move-In and Move-Out procedures are some of the most neglected on the slate of things every landlord has to do. Not surprisingly though, that MIMO time – maybe better called MOMI time because it’s the time BETWEEN tenants – is when you really have to stay on your toes. In fact, there are very good […]

Protecting Your Investment Property

5 Points to Keep Your Contra Costa County Investment Property Paying Annual maintenance for a home in Contra Costa can seem reasonable especially when compared with much higher rates across the bay. In general, while rents are lower, expenses related to maintaining and keeping those properties on the market will also be lower. The weather […]

Contra Costa County Property Investment: 9 Essentials to Fill It & Keep It Full

Lots of Contra Costa property investors will start with one apartment, find that managing it is not difficult and keep going, till they own a portfolio of handsome properties. Enjoying a steady predictable stream of income is just one of the benefits of investing in and holding onto residential properties. Ask around though, and you’ll […]

3 Most Important Points About California Landlord Tenant Law

You don’t have to be a lawyer to rent a home in California. Best Property Management reminds all of our Contra Costa County renters that some 99% of landlord-tenant disputes in California get settled easily and far outside of the arena of the law. Landlord-Tenant law is pretty straightforward, easy to understand and generally something […]

Seven Basic Services Your Property Management Should Be Providing. Are They?

A real estate investment can seem like a scary place to put your money. You’re not sure which way things will go. So many factors can affect whether you come out on top that you really need to do your homework. Hiring a property management company is one way to reduce the variables. The range […]

No Excuses: Five Good Ways for Property Owners to be Neighborhood Advocates, Too

Very few absentee slumlords started out in life as absentee slumlords. Deteriorating property values lead to deteriorating returns – and no one really comes out on top. But being a landlord is not exactly an easy ride either, even in the best of times. Let’s take a look at nine easy ways you can get […]

The 5 Essentials of Turning Good Tenants into Long-Term Tenants

Finding good tenants and getting them into a property is something any good property manager studies. The process becomes fixed, obsessive at times and it’s going on year-round in bigger management offices. Funny enough, it would be a lot less necessary if the good tenants are treated just a little better, and the bad ones […]